November 2, 2016

After FBI News, New Hampshire Voters Rush To Change Their Vote

The FBI revelations from last Friday was an October surprise that’s ramifications are still being processed. Yet one key example that shows its far reaching impact comes from legendary New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner. Speaking with the Boston Globe, Gardner said that since the FBI’s letter was made public a dozen voters have called him to ask if they can change their absentee vote:

“New Hampshire Secretary of State William Gardner said a dozen voters who had cast absentee ballots called his office between Friday, when the FBI news broke, and Monday, asking if they could change their vote. He called such second-guessing not unusual in a primary, when candidates often drop out late, but unprecedented in a general election.”

Significantly, Gardner, who is the longest serving secretary of state in the nation and has been in office since 1976, said this type of behavior is “unprecedented” in a general election. Luckily for those voters, changing an absentee vote in New Hampshire is allowed.