March 20, 2016

February FEC Report Shows Clinton Is A Prisoner To Her Own Hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton wants her supporters to believe that she opposes the use of privately-owned prisons
and will not accept their campaign contributions. Yet Clinton’s February FEC report shows tens of thousands worth of hypocrisy in the form of donations from private prison companies, firms that own private prisons, and lobbyists whose lobbying shops lobby for private prisons.

All told, Hillary Clinton received $11,904 from employees of private prison companies or the companies that own them. In addition, Clinton received $23,134 in contribution to her campaign from lobbyists whose firms represent private prisons.

That puts Clinton in a terribly awkward position though because last October, she made the high-profile decision to say she would end the federal government’s use of private prisons as president. She proceeded to donate all campaign donations from those companies to charity:

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pledged Thursday to ban the use of private prison companies if elected president, and in the nntime will stop accepting campaign contributions from those corporations and the lobbyists who work for them. All previous donations will be given to charity, the former secretary of state’s campaign said.”

Clinton’s director of coalitions press Xochitl Hinojosa went so far as to say that rejected donations from people “tied to private prison companies” showed her commitment to immigration reform:

“Hinojosa said the policy against accepting contributions tied to private prison companies “’is only one of many ways that she believes we need to rebalance our criminal justice and immigration systems.’”

Perhaps the campaign’s policy has changed because they are burning through cash at an alarming rate and need cash wherever they can get it. Clinton’s campaign had a burn rate of 107% in February and are carrying $928,628.74 in debt. Clinton’s February FEC report also showed a continued reliance on large dollar donations, with only 23.2% of her February campaign donations coming from people giving less than $200.