August 11, 2015

#FeelTheBern UPDATE: 27,000 Turn Out For Sanders In Los Angeles, Morning Shows Discuss “Amazing,” “Incredible” Crowds

After attracting over 40,000 people to two events over the weekend, Bernie Sanders drew another huge crowd in Los Angeles Monday night.

The Sanders campaign estimated over 27,000 people came out to see Hillary Clinton’s chief challenger at the Memorial Sports Arena, giving Sanders an audience of over 70,000 in three days.

That’s a football stadium-sized problem for Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday morning, two MSNBC personalities expressed shock and awe at the crowds. Dorian Warren said it was “incredible,” adding that Hillary Clinton’s college affordability rollout yesterday was an effort to “try and stay relevant.”

Later, Andrea Mitchell highlighted the “amazing pictures” from the Sanders rallies and noted the pressure on Clinton: “the Democrats are getting nervous about their frontrunner.”

On CNN, Carol Costello reported on the crowds and asked: “are you listening, Hillary Clinton?”