May 26, 2016

Feingold Goes Full Socialist With Sanders Support

Failed former Senator Russ Feingold can’t seem to pick his poison in this caustic Democratic presidential contest. After having a Hillary Clinton endorsement forced upon him in the lead-up to the Wisconsin primary, it became increasingly clear that Feingold was walking on egg-shells to avoid angering the Clinton machine and avoid showing his true colors by endorsing his comrade Bernie Sanders.

With his own political career on the line, Feingold kept his options open, visibly skipping the Democratic debate in Wisconsin and refusing to say who he had supported in the primary – which socialist Sanders won in a landslide – despite having a history of doing so in previous elections.

Now, news has broken that Sanders will be hitting the campaign trail and raising money for his liberal friend Feingold, writing in a fundraising appeal that the Senate needs more like-minded individuals “who recognize that it is too late for establishment politics and economics.” One can assume Sanders means more senators who subscribe to the same socialist economic policies that he does.

Feingold has been walking a fine line when it comes to his fellow extreme liberal, on the one hand lavishing carefully crafted praise upon Sanders:

“What he did [in the campaign] was great. What he’s doing is great. He helped make Hillary Clinton a better candidate. And what he did on his own raised issues, that frankly I’ve been raising for decades.”

And almost admitting he backs the radical single payer healthcare plan both he and Sanders have supported for decades – before catching himself and having his campaign walk back his statement days later:

Feingold’s complicated waltz shows he knows having a socialist as his ideological soulmate won’t go over well with mainstream Wisconsin voters, and for Feingold, it’s once a Senator, always a Senator – he’s not about to let his pesky long-held principles get in the way of winning an election, even if it breaks his bleeding liberal heart.