February 23, 2016

Former Senator Feingold Joins Biden, Schumer In SCOTUS Flip Flop

In a series of TV interviews that aired on Sunday, former Senator Russ Feingold joined fellow Democrats Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid in attempting to re-write history on his record of playing partisan politics with Supreme Court nominations.

Speaking to ABC Milwaukee’s Mike Gousha, Feingold repeatedly took credit for expediting President George W. Bush’s nominees in the Senate, going as far as to say “it was a sacred responsibility to confirm the choices”:

But in 2005, when President Bush nominated Samuel Alito, Feingold threatened to block his confirmation:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.05.06 PM

Feingold called a filibuster of Alito “my right as a senator and it’s an important right” and later actually voted with 24 Democrats – including Senators Biden, Schumer, and Reid – to move forward with a filibuster.

As a consummate Capitol Hill insider, Senator Feingold is undoubtedly familiar with the meaning of the term “filibuster,” which the Associated Press defines as “a parliamentary tactic whereby senators use their right to virtually unlimited debate to block measures, legislation or nominations.”