August 26, 2016

Feingold Warped Logic On His Big Money College Fees

Russ Feingold has a tenuous grasp on the facts of his post-Senate employment. Senator Ron Johnson has accused Feingold of bilking many institutions of higher learning for exorbitant fees. Those fees ended up totaling $450,000.

Feingold’s response shows how far that charge has gotten under his skin. Speaking in Beloit, Feingold actually claimed that he did not charge “anybody anything”:

“At the end of his visit, Feingold addressed accusations by Johnson of charging $450,000 to 17 universities for speaking engagements and guest lectures. ‘I didn’t charge anybody anything, I was hired and asked to teach by Beloit College, Marquette University, Stanford and Lawrence,’ Feingold said. ‘They contacted me and said we’d like to pay you this much if you would please come and teach, so I did.'”

Hopefully Logic 101 was not one of the courses Feingold taught because this type of twisted reasoning would certainly cause his students to demand a refund. Feingold also admitted that he never even considered waiving any of his 17 fees:

“When asked if he had given any consideration to waiving those fees, Feingold said simply ‘I had no job, that was my living, I’m not a millionaire so that was my income.'”

Considering that Feingold has made an issue about how expensive college is for many Americans, it is outrageously hypocritical that he never even considered waiving his own excessive fees.

Liberal Democrats like Russ Feingold usually have many backwards economic views, but this is too much. Feingold is living in another world if he thinks he didn’t charge 17 universities hundreds of thousands of dollars.