4 years ago

Female Gov Candidate Stiffed By Hillary

Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail for long-time crony Terry McAuliffe today at yet another event she or her husband are doing for a man who once offered to buy them a house.

The theme of tomorrow’s event? “Women for Terry.” Interesting given Hillary’s complete snubbing of a Democratic woman candidate who is on the ballot this year, Barbara Buono. Buono, who at this point is most famous for being completely classless in her campaign against Chris Christie, could certainly use a boost from her neighbor across the river. Buono, who reportedly cried when Clinton conceded in 2008, was an early endorser of Hillary’s first presidential run. Per THE RUN 2016’s Dave Catanese, Buono has reached out for help. And she’s endorsed by the Hillary cheerleaders at Emily’s List. Alas, there is nothing on the calendar.

If Hillary doesn’t help Buono it only reinforces something that is already pretty obvious about the “Women for Terry” event. It has nothing to do with policy, good governance, or women’s issues. A guy who left his wife while in labor to go to a book party isn’t exactly the poster boy for women’s empowerment.

It’s merely a BIG PAYBACK. And typical clubby Clintonism.