November 12, 2015

Fight For $15: “Hillary’s Not Quite There” On $15 National Minimum Wage

At a rally in Durham, NC, community organizer, activist and newly-elected Durham City Council member Jillian Johnson criticized Hillary Clinton for not supporting the $15 national minimum wage.

Johnson, known for helping to organize North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” protests, noted that Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supports the Fight For $15 movement, but that they still have work to do convincing Clinton:

“Both of the Democratic presidential candidates have in some form called for a $15 minimum wage. Hillary’s not quote there, we’re gonna keep pushing on her. But Bernie has called for $15 nationwide minimum wage and that is because of our work.”

Meanwhile, at an event in DC that same day, Sanders led a protest, calling for “Fifteen bucks and a union.”