November 2, 2016

In Final Debate, Maggie Hassan Comes Up Short

The sixth and final New Hampshire debate presented Democrat Maggie Hassan with a litany of problems. From the very beginning Hassan was held accountable for her unwavering and uncritical support for Hillary Clinton. In her answers, Hassan showed once again that she’s simply a partisan politician. When Hassan was not pressed on her complete support for Clinton, she was stuck defending her own failed record as governor.

First, Hillary Clinton’s failed record and historic untrustworthy numbers were a constant challenge for Hassan during the debate. On a discussion about cyber security, Senator Ayotte highlighted the fact that Hassan pretends to care about cyber security but constantly defends Hillary Clinton’s notorious mishandling of national secrets:

Hassan also displayed how out of touch she is with New Hampshire voters when she defended Clinton’s character in the face of the recent disclosure that the FBI had refocused its attention on Clinton’s private server:

Next, on the opioid epidemic ravaging New Hampshire, Hassan was pressed on her lack of leadership on the issue. Hassan’s ineffectiveness and senseless veto of the 2016 budget has harmed necessary efforts, and the question tonight held her accountable:

Hassan also showed how much of a career politician she is when she came out against term limits. For the record, Senator Ayotte is a strong supporter of term limits for DC politicians: