October 26, 2016

In Final Debate, Murphy Goes Out On A Low Note

Patrick Murphy’s embarrassing spectacle of a Senate campaign is almost over. With the second and final debate, Murphy no longer has to appear on stage with someone who showcases just how little Murphy knows. Throughout the debate, Murphy’s many resume lies, his support for Obamacare, and his privileged background were thrown right back into his face.

First, Murphy tried to lecture Senator Rubio about what it’s like to be a working class Floridian. For Murphy, who’s a multi-millionaire who was given all his money from his very rich father, to lecture Rubio takes gall. What’s more, Murphy’s father has poured millions into his Senate campaign. None of that stopped Murphy from making a fool of himself talking about the minimum wage:

Murphy’s many lies were a significant topic of the debate. Murphy felt the heat right off the bat when the moderator questioned him about his embellished resume:

Rubio didn’t let Murphy’s lies go unanswered though. The Florida Senator systematically dismantled Murphy over his CPA and small business lies. Murphy never worked as a CPA in Florida, he never helped clean up the Gulf, and his “small business” was a subsidiary of his father’s company. Rubio made sure all viewers knew that:

Finally, Murphy is an awful candidate, but you’d think with all the negative stories in the news, he’d tamp down his enthusiastic support for Obamacare. Yet, Murphy did the exact opposite, reiterating his full-throated support for the failed law, and even advocating going further with a public option: