September 30, 2016

First Debate Proves Maggie Hassan Stands For The Failed Status Quo

After her debate performance this morning, Governor Maggie Hassan can’t be happy that she has five more debates to go in the New Hampshire Senate race. That’s because on topic after topic, Hassan was forced to defend the failed Obama-Clinton status quo that has proven so harmful for New Hampshire’s middle class.

First, Hassan has struggled throughout the campaign when the discussion has turned to foreign policy. During the first debate, Hassan once again struggled with foreign policy, this time on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Hassan continued her strong support for the already troubled deal. In light of today’s report that the Obama Administration lifted sanctions on Iran banks, Hassan’s continued endorsement must be giving many Granite Staters pause:

Hassan didn’t improve when the debate moved onto Obamacare. Since the news that the Community Health Options co-op was pulling out of New Hampshire, forcing 11,581 New Hampshire residents to lose their health insurance in 2017, Hassan has struggled to defend her strong support of the Obamacare status quo. That trend continued during the first debate:

Another critical issue for New Hampshire voters has been the devastating opioid crisis. In contrast to Senator Ayotte’s real accomplishment in passing CARA into law, Governor Hassan’s handling of the opioid epidemic has long been faulted as “political grandstanding.” Last year, The Telegraph criticized Hassan’s actions on this key issue as “driven by political considerations”:

“But there are also political considerations at work, tied to the fact that Hassan is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Kelly Ayotte. It seems indisputable that at least some of the urgency the governor feels is driven by political considerations.”

The inclination to fault Hassan on this issue continued this morning, with the moderator beginning his question on this issue by noting that the governor was “slow getting to” the opioid crisis in New Hampshire as governor:

Finally, in a lighter moment Hassan’s campaign finance hypocrisy in refusing to sign the People’s Pledge, gave the crowd a reason to laugh:

New Hampshire residents have long prided themselves on their independent spirit. As this first debate showed, Hassan can’t lead when she’s continues to follow the failed Obama-Clinton policies of the past.