September 27, 2016

Five Clips That Show Why Maggie Hassan Is Too Scripted To Become A U.S. Senator

Democratic Senate candidate Maggie Hassan must wish that New Hampshire Public Radio’s invitation to join them for an hour long interview had gotten lost in the mail. For the entire hour Hassan was on the defensive over her longtime partisan record, her flip-flop on Syrian refugees, and even the fact that she’s a completely scripted candidate. Hassan’s failed tenure as governor and her support for a cap-and-trade policy also must have caused viewers to question Hassan’s ability to become a United States Senator.

Hassan’s record as a left-wing partisan has long been put a hitch in her Senate candidacy. In New Hampshire, a swing-state, the inability to find bi-partisan solutions is a huge negative. During the interview, Hassan was pressed multiple times about her lack of bi-partisan credentials, and could not provide an answer:

Hassan’s disastrous handling of the New Hampshire State budget as Governor was also problematic for Hassan this morning. Hassan’s failure to sufficiently answer the question about why she vetoed the State budget came across immediately:

During the interview, Hassan fully supported a cap-and-trade system that would raise energy prices for the average New Hampshire family, while conspicuously ducking the question on a carbon tax:

When the conversation turned to foreign policy, Hassan’s answers did not get any better. Hassan’s light foreign policy record was clear when she was pressed on her Syrian refugee flip-flop. Hassan originally supported allowing an increased number of Syrian refugees to immigrate to the United States, but then flip-flopped to call for a “temporary halt” to those refugees. This morning, Hassan was unable to explain away that flip-flop:

As the previous four clips show, Hassan is an incredibly scripted candidate. To no one’s surprise that fact even became a topic of conversation during the NHPR interview. It’s also no surprise that when Hassan was confronted about how scripted a candidate she is, she gave a scripted answer in return: