October 7, 2016

Five Clips That Show Why Russ Feingold Is A Career Politician Who’s Wrong For Wisconsin

Yesterday afternoon Russ Feingold sat down with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board. It was brutal. Feingold was repeatedly faced with questions for which he had no answer. From his vote in the Democratic primary to his lack of major accomplishments during his long tenure in the Senate, all Feingold could do was evade and obfuscate.

No exchange better symbolizes the fact that Feingold is a career politician who only cares about his own ambitions than the back and forth about his previous tenure in the Senate. Feingold was pressed about his lack of major accomplishments during the 18 years he previously served, and had nothing to say:

The facts bear out why Feingold struggled so much. In his 18 years in the Senate, just four of the bills he was the primary sponsor on became law. Even in an area where Feingold focused on, campaign finance, he has now proven to be a massive hypocrite. Feingold was once a campaign finance crusader, yet yesterday he admitted that he broke the 1992 pledge that he would rely on Wisconsin donors for his campaign fundraising:

In fact, Politifact gave Feingold a “full flop” for now relying on out of state donors to fund his 2016 campaign:

“In four Senate campaigns, Feingold abided by the pledge he inscribed on his garage door: He would raise the majority of his campaign cash from Wisconsin residents. Feingold said he was changing with the times, and is no longer bound by his previous pledge. That’s a complete reversal. And a Full Flop.”

Another area of great vulnerability for Feingold is on Obamacare. The members of the editorial board questioned Feingold about the negative effects Obamacare has had on the pocketbooks of Wisconsin consumers. Even though Feingold once said that Obamacare would reduce premiums by up to 20%, he had to admit yesterday that health care costs have gone up under Obamacare:

Yet, Feingold’s admission will not help those Wisconsinites who are facing 2017 health insurance premium increases of up to 37%.

When the conversation moved from policy to politics, things did not get much better for Feingold. When Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness was broached as a topic, Feingold had no choice but to reaffirm that he believes she’s trustworthy:

Even when Feingold was reminded of his rocky relationship with the Clintons, Feingold still was adamant that Clinton is trustworthy. In yet another damaging moment, Feingold was pressed about who he voted for in the Wisconsin Democratic Primary and refused to say: