April 24, 2017

Five Flip Flops In Warren’s Old Books

As Senator Warren’s book tour and presidential campaign enters its second week, things have not gone well. There’s far more attention on her bad answers to the 2020 question than on the actual book.

So America Rising decided to actually explore the substance of her other books. In doing so, we found five concrete flip flops where Warren’s current rhetoric is at odds with her own past writings:

  • Claim: Warren wrote in her 2014 book that she has fought for the middle class.
    • Flip-Flop: During Warren’s legal career she worked on behalf of a mining company that tried to avoid paying into a health care fund for retirees.
  • Claim: In Warren’s 2003 and 2014 books, the Warren railed against employers who pay women less than men.
    • Flip-Flop: Warren’s Senate office pays women only 71% of what men make.
  • Claim: In Warren’s 2003 book, the future Senator writes in favor of a “well-designed voucher program.”
    • Flip-Flop: Senator Warren attacked Secretary Betsy DeVos over DeVos’ support for a voucher program.
  • Claim: In Warren’s 2005 book, she warned against trying to make money by home flipping.
    • Flip-Flop: The Boston Herald reported that Warren has engaged in at least twelve real estate deals, including “flipping properties.”
  • Claim: Warren wrote in her 2005 book that talking out a home equity line of credit was “not smart.”
    • Flip-Flop: In January, Washington Free Beacon reported that Warren has a secret $1.3 million line of credit on her Massachusetts home.