July 25, 2016

Five Good Reasons Sanders Supporters Still Refuse To Back Clinton

Bernie Sanders has drastically moved the Democratic Party Platform to the radical left and now achieved his goal of seeing Debbie Wasserman Schultz banished as DNC chair, but his supporters still won’t come around to backing Hillary Clinton. If Clinton can’t unite the Democrat Party, her path to victory becomes much more difficult and there are still significant reasons why Bernie Sanders’ most committed fans refuse to join Clinton’s team.

DNC Email Leaks

The publication of more than 20,000 internal DNC emails prove what Sanders supporters suspected all along: that the system was deliberately rigged against them. The supposedly neutral national party was putting their finger on the scales in Clinton’s favor throughout the primary. Sanders already had an uphill climb against Clinton’s Wall Street money and Super PAC…having to face blowback from the DNC made his battle unwinnable and his supporters are rightfully upset.


Sanders forces were also defeated in their attempt to eliminate the undemocratic superdelegates that were critical in giving Hillary Clinton’s campaign much needed momentum to trudge across the finish line. Instead, they got a compromise to create a commission to review the primary process. Given the DNC’s track record, no rational thinker can imagine that any commission will lead to any changes.

Tim Kaine

Clinton could have sent a strong signal by picking a progressive VP in the mold of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown. Instead, she showed her disregard for Bernie Sanders supporters by giving the nod to Tim Kaine, an anti-choice, pro-fossil fuel, Wall Street ally. Kaine’s selection does nothing to win over Bernie’s forces and further inspires them against Clinton and her commitment to the status quo.

Rights Trampled

Initially, Sanders supporters planned to voice their opposition to Hillary Clinton in organized protests across Philadelphia and while some of those protests will go forward, a 40,000 person march scheduled for Asburn Field was not granted a permit by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s office. That may seem small on the surface but it’s important to remember that Hillary Clinton supports Mayor Kenney’s absurd plan to tax soft drinks while Sanders opposes it.

Wall Street Rally

Politico reported this morning that Wall Street execs and Hillary Clinton allies were planning to trek down to Philadelphia to celebrate her coronation to the ire of true progressives. A pillar of the Sanders-Warren wing is opposing actions from Wall Street and Clinton’s continued embrace of them throughout the primary and her selection of a pro-Wall Street VP will keep Sanders supporters deeply skeptical of her and her motives going forward.

While Sanders has tried to tout “the most progressive platform in history” which will turn off independents since it’s so radical, it’s clear his supporters are still being shafted by the Clinton campaign left and right. Their unwillingness to back her candidacy leaves the Democrat Party in tatters, creating problems up and down the ballot for anyone with a D next to their name.