January 11, 2016

Five Headlines From Last Week On Clinton’s Unethical, Dishonest & Untrustworthy State Department

2016 has not started well for Hillary Clinton. While Clinton’s time as Secretary of State was once thought of as a possible strength, it has become readily apparent that it could be her biggest weakness.

Clinton was already having a bad week with multiple stories on the special favors her State Department did for friends and allies, when the Associated Press turned it into a nightmare.

They reported Friday that Clinton instructed an adviser to go around the secure fax system and transmit talking points in a nonsecure way. This is just one more example that Hillary Clinton thinks there should be one set of special rules for her and another for everyone else.

Below are four more headlines, all from last week, that showcase the continuing liability that Clinton’s State tenure is:

How Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cared for Democratic donors: “But eight batches of Clinton emails released thus far by the State Department– with an additional limited release expected later this week — illustrate another priority during her years as Secretary of State: tending to wealthy supporters who backed her campaigns and family foundation.”

How Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff helped a Democratic bundler: “Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills did a favor for a former Bill Clinton staffer-turned-Hillary campaign donor, giving the auto dealer, who was heavily invested in China, access to a bilateral U.S.-China event at the State Department where he could promote his private business interests… another example of Clinton aides going to great lengths to please Democratic Party donors and connected political figures while she ran the State Department.”

Clinton ally pushed for help on State Dept. contracts:When one of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 political advisers needed to help a client navigate the contracting bureaucracy at the State Department, he went straight to the top. He wrote an email directly to the Secretary of State asking her to help the contractor — also a Clinton 2008 supporter — get ‘appropriate meetings’ to try to snare two State Department contracts worth as much as $475 million for administrative support work. Clinton noted ‘Pls print’ in a message to her aide Lauren Jiloty.”

State Department gave ‘inaccurate’ answer on Clinton email use, review says: “Two years before the public learned of Hillary Clinton’s private server, the State Department gave an ‘inaccurate and incomplete’ response about her email use when it told an outside group that it had no documents about Clinton’s email accounts beyond her government address, according to a report from the State Department’s inspector general to be released Thursday.”