January 30, 2016

Five Key Takeaways From Last Iowa Poll

The last, and if you believe some most important, Iowa poll is now out and the news is not good for former Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. With the Iowa caucus one day away, Clinton must be having flashbacks to 2008. Here are five of the key takeaways from the last Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll:

  1. Over the last 12 months, Clinton’s lead in Iowa has fallen from 51 points to a minuscule 3 points.
  2. Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton by 15 points among women under the age of 45.
  3. 68% of Iowa Democrats polled are “ok” with a Democratic Socialist as President.
  4. Iowa Democrats have a more favorable opinion of Bernie Sanders by six points.
  5. When Democratic Iowa voters were asked who cares about people like you, Sanders leads Clinton by 14 points.