April 18, 2016

Five Questions Hillary Clinton Needs To Answer New York Voters

Hillary Clinton has spent the run-up to the New York primary dodging questions left and right. On issues such as the FBI investigation into her email server or the ethical conduct of her State Department and family’s foundation, Clinton has stonewalled.

After losing eight of the last night primaries, Clinton has obviously made the bet that if she can just avoid answering the tough questions voters have she might still squeak by Bernie Sanders.

Yet America Rising believes that the American people deserve answers from Clinton. Below are five questions that Clinton should answer before the voters of New York head to the ballot box on Tuesday:

  1. Secretary Clinton, you said last recently that the FBI has not contacted you yet. Have they contacted your attorney or your staff?
  2. FBI Director James Comey recently stated he’s under no pressure to complete the investigation before the DNC Convention. Would you like the investigation to conclude before the convention?
  3. When you were Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted foreign donations. If you are elected president, will you pledge that the Clinton Foundation stop accepting donations from foreign sources?
  4. Politico reported last week that Teneo, which benefited from its connections to you and your husband, was planned by a State Department Special Envoy while he worked for you. If you win the White House can you guarantee to the American people White House employees will not take advantage of their connections to profit?
  5. Secretary Clinton, you once pledged that your campaign would go carbon neutral. As CNN and the Washington Times have subsequently reported, you have not kept that pledge. Bernie Sanders has. Do you think it contributed to a Greenpeace activist’s questions about your commitment to climate change?