August 11, 2015

Five Reasons Hillary Clinton Has Given Larry Lessig To Run For President

Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig announced via video that he is exploring a run for president as a Democrat. Lessig’s campaign has a singular focus: “[t]o revamp campaign finance laws and rid the country of what he calls “political corruption.”

What’s the driving force behind this earnest albeit long-shot run? Lessig’s belief that no other candidate in the race is adequately addressing this issue.

Here are the top 5 reasons Hillary Clinton has given Lessig to jump in:

1. Clinton openly coordinates with her own Super PAC, Correct The Record.


2. Clinton personally solicits checks for the Super PAC Correct The Record, too.


3. Clinton’s campaign engages in list exchanges with another pro-Clinton Super PAC, Ready For Hillary.


4. Clinton’s campaign chairman was caught on camera raising checks from wealthy donors at the same time she was decrying money in politics and calling for a constitutional amendment banning “unaccountable money.”

5. Just yesterday, the AP reported that a “Group Backing Clinton Gets $1M From Untraceable Donors.


If like Lessig your top concern is campaign finance violations, Hillary Clinton has given you a few reasons to want to defeat her.