May 6, 2016

Five Times Jason Kander Was A Total D.C. Insider

Missouri Democratic senate candidate Jason Kander’s campaign had an epic fail on Thursday, when his campaign manager attempted to attack a young volunteer for opponent Sen. Roy Blunt’s campaign for allegedly wearing a Washington Nationals baseball cap. It turned out that the cap was, in fact, from a Missouri high school team the volunteer played for.

It turned out that the only campaign obsessed with Washington, D.C. was Team Kander, which isn’t surprising given the candidate has proven time and time again that he’s desperate to get to Washington.

Here are five times Jason Kander acted like a total D.C. insider:

1. The time he said his D.C. fundraiser was “like a wedding” because so many of his friends were there: 

2. The time he flew to D.C. to haggle over race ratings with Beltway media:

Joplin Globe columnist Eli Yokley reported on Kander touting a “peak-Washington, D.C.” race rating in January:

One note from Missouri Democrat Jason Kander’s U.S. Senate campaign caught my attention. It came with a subject line that blared, “BREAKING: Ranking Changed,” a message promising prospective donors that he is, in fact, a viable investment.

Competitiveness rankings are peak-Washington, D.C., political media.

And how he got that rating:

Candidly, Kander flew to Washington as many candidates do to make his viability pitch to the race raters.

3. The time he tried to cover up his politically inconvenient friendship with Al Franken:

Politico reported in November 2015 that Kander downplayed his support from liberal celebrity-turned-Senator Al Franken after Franken hosted a fundraiser for him:

Franken has connections from his status as a celebrity that are now paying off. In 2006, Franken traveled to Afghanistan with the United Services Organization and met a young soldier named Jason Kander, who is now challenging Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

The two chatted about the encounter during a recent fundraiser Franken held for Kander and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in California.

Still, Kander, who split with Franken and other Democrats on the president’s nuclear deal with Iran, played down the importance of support from national Democrats.

That’s a D.C. insider move up there with aggressively displaying your Capitol Hill staffer badge at a happy hour.

4. The time he fundraised with D.C. lobbyists while claiming to hate lobbyists:

Despite proudly boasting about giving back lobbyist contributions in 2008, Kander was singing a different tune in 2015, when he jetted to a fundraiser at a D.C. lobbying firm more than a year and a half before Election Day.

5. The time he embraced leading D.C. liberal Elizabeth Warren:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.43.16 PM

Yes, that Elizabeth Warren, who claims to have inspired the extremist Occupy Wall Street movement.

BONUS: One time Kander DIDN’T act like a D.C. insider was when he praised President Obama for being “bold” and fixing problems…everyone in Washington knows that’s not true!