March 21, 2016

Flashback: Blumenthal Urged Clinton To Praise J Street To AIPAC

As Hillary Clinton prepares to address AIPAC, she will state that the United States’ relationship with Israel is a key component on the “commander-in-chief test”:

“At her AIPAC address on Monday, Clinton will explain how America’s relationship with Israel and its leadership in the Middle East is an important part of that commander-in-chief test, the campaign aide said.”

Yet in her private emails, when Clinton believed no one would ever see it, she and Sidney Blumenthal engaged in anti-Israel and anti-AIPAC conversations. When Clinton was Secretary of State Blumenthal “regularly” sent Clinton articles critical of Israel and its leaders:

“A former aide to President Bill Clinton regularly sent articles decrying Israeli leadership to Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of state, a new batch of emails released by the State Department revealed Monday evening. Sidney Blumenthal, who appears to have served as an unofficial adviser to Clinton during her tenure at the State Department, sent the former secretary of state an assortment of articles, many of them penned by his son, Max, regarding Middle Eastern politics.”

Perhaps more egregiously, before Clinton’s 2010 AIPAC speech Blumenthal drafted a memo for Clinton calling on her to criticize AIPAC and praise the liberal group J Street in her speech:

“In a memo on March 21, 2010, Blumenthal encouraged Clinton to criticize the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) during her speech at its annual conference and praise the liberal group J Street.”

Blumenthal’s advice to Clinton was for the Secretary of State to use her speech to AIPAC to marginalize the pro-Israel group:

“By acknowledging J Street you give them legitimacy, credibility and create room within the American Jewish community for debate supportive of the administration’s pursuit of the peace process. Just by mentioning J Street in passing, AIPAC becomes a point on the spectrum, not the controller of the spectrum.”

By Clinton’s own standard her conduct toward Israel fails the commander-in-chief test. The United States’ allies will never trust a president who regularly takes into their counsel their harshest critics.