November 4, 2015

FLASHBACK: Clinton Tried And Failed To Help McAuliffe & VA Dems

Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton campaigned in Virginia with Gov. Terry McAuliffe—her longtime friend and fundraiser. At an event in Alexandria, Clinton encouraged voters to turn the State Senate blue for McAuliffe so he could get more done:

CLINTON: “It really matters that you come out and vote because it will determine how much more Terry can get done in the years remaining in his term.”

Virginia voters heard that message and soundly rejected it. Democrats were unable to win a majority in the Virginia Senate, and McAuliffe remains the hobbled, ineffective governor he’s been to date.

What’s more, it’s clear that Clinton’s “coattails” might not be particularly helpful to down ballot races. While 2016 will bring increased scrutiny, the results from 2015 are not promising for Clinton and the Democrats.