November 18, 2015

FLASHBACK: In 2014, Joe Sestak Said ISIS Is “Almost Out Of Gas”

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Ed Show on June 19, 2014, former Pennsylvania congressman and Democratic senate candidate Joe Sestak defended President Obama’s handling of the conflict in Syria and downplayed the threat posed by ISIS, which he called a “rebel force.” Sestak, also a former U.S. Navy Admiral, told host Ed Schultz:

“Because we have a President who has made it very clear Ed. This isn’t going to be combat troops that we’re sending tens of thousands of them. He had set the end limit of what we’re going to do. And there’s two things he`s done, he’s made a prudent decision that we’re going to have 300 advisers in there that are going to provide the intelligence and their (inaudible) that only we will give our own people coming from satellites above in order to hand over to the Iraqis. And second, he’s recognized that ISIS, this rebel force is almost out of gas. It stretched with eleven thousand fighters from all the way in middle Syria all the way down to close to Baghdad. And now, they’re up against a military force of Baghdad itself. These are the best troops they’ve got, Special Forces. So what he is doing is putting in our ability to provide intelligence and if necessary very limited air strikes in order to be targeted appropriately prudent and the right to decision.”