July 27, 2016

FLASHBACK: Jerry Brown Called Bill Clinton The “Prince of Sleaze”

Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) does not have the best relationship with the Clintons. Back in 1992, Brown ran for president against then-Governor Bill Clinton. During the combative primary campaign, Brown called Clinton the “prince of sleaze” for Clinton’s negative campaigning:

“Brown’s ire was sparked in part by a Clinton ad that questioned Brown’s commitment to abortion rights. The ad used past Brown quotations out of context and ignored the fact that Brown has not wavered from supporting the right to abortion as public policy.”

During one debate in 1992, Brown also attacked both Hillary and Bill Clinton for the funneling of Arkansas state money to Hillary Clinton’s law firm:

Brown’s convention speech is a perfect reminder that Hillary Clinton’s penchant for scandal is not a new phenomenon, but rather a decades-old habit.