March 23, 2016

FLASHBACK: Michael Bennet Likes ObamaCare More Than His Job

When they voted him into the U.S. Senate, Coloradans probably expected Michael Bennet to care more about protecting their interests than promoting President Obama’s policy agenda at all costs, but he proved them wrong when he told CNN he would back ObamaCare, even if it meant losing his job.

Now, after six years of  broken promises, ballooning costs, and collapsing co-ops, Sen. Bennet is still standing firmly behind the failed health care takeover, despite it being a disaster for Colorado. Let’s review:

Despite Sen. Bennet repeating President Obama’s lie that Americans could keep their coverage, issuing a press release making this false promise:

If families or individuals like their current coverage through a private insurance company, then they can keep that coverage.

Nearly 250,000 Coloradans got dumped from their coverage shortly after the law took effect, according to The Denver Post:

Insurance companies are canceling health policies for nearly 250,000 Coloradans, many because of Affordable Care Act rules, a tally likely to inflame consumers upset with controversial reforms.

Then, in October, Colorado’s largest co-op announced it was shutting down, leaving more than 80,000 Coloradans in the lurch. The Associated Press reported:

Colorado’s biggest nonprofit health insurer announced its closure Friday, forcing nearly 83,000 Coloradans to find a new insurer for 2016. Colorado HealthOP announced Friday that the state Division of Insurance has de-certified it as an eligible insurance company.

Bennet says he’d choose ObamaCare over keeping his job – Coloradans just might call his bluff this time.