December 17, 2015

Flippant Fetterman Flouts Filing Rules

Tough-talking Pennsylvania Democratic senate candidate John Fetterman isn’t known for subtlety, which may explain why he’s seemingly unconcerned about the nuts and bolts of being a candidate for office, like the requirement to disclose his sources of income and financial assets. The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday that Fetterman is now over two months late filing his personal financial disclosure:

When Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman failed to file the financial disclosure form required for all Senate candidates, he described it as an honest oversight that would be corrected in a few days.

Three weeks later, the Senate still has received nothing from the Fetterman campaign, according to the Senate’s online database of financial disclosure forms. The Senate’s office of public records confirmed that it has received nothing from the Fetterman campaign…

The Senate received Fetterman’s statement of candidacy form on Sept. 10, which would set the due date for his disclosure form Oct. 10.

Claiming he hadn’t been contacted for the story, Fetterman went after the reporter on Twitter. He ultimately referred to proof the reporter had reached out as a “sick burn”:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 9.47.19 AM

At least he didn’t ask the reporter to “take it outside”:

Fetterman ultimately provided this explanation (or lack thereof):

“I look forward to getting it in quickly and showing everybody just how little I’m worth,” said Fetterman. “It was a clerical oversight and we are working on getting it in.”

Fetterman confirmed that he missed the deadline and said that it is something the campaign is “in the process of addressing.”

Asked what is taking him so long, especially given “how little” he says he is worth, Fetterman said that “there hasn’t been a holdup.” He added that his disclosure would be filed “by the end of the year, if not sooner.”

Fetterman’s “end of the year” timeline is a departure from his pledge that it would be filed “in the coming days” over three weeks ago, according to a November 24th report from The Associated Press.

For candidates with straightforward financial situations, the personal financial disclosure form is simple to complete, so there would be little justification for an extended delay. But the Free Beacon story points to evidence that Fetterman’s finances could be more complicated than he’s representing:

Fetterman’s financial situation is a mystery. This is the small-town mayor’s first run for a major public office, so all that is known to date is that he earns $150 per month from the town of Braddock and that his family lives in a converted warehouse built out of shipping containers.

He has admitted to receiving financial support from his parents to keep up his family’s middle-class lifestyle, though it is unknown what exactly that support entails.