February 3, 2016

VIDEO: Florida Democrat Says Washington-Favored Candidate “Is Toast”

Florida’s 26th District Democratic primary keeps getting more strained and personal by the day, as Andrew Korge exited the race by blasting establishment favorite Annette Taddeo.

Korge initially jumped into the race following the release of a secret recording of Washington Democrats propping up Taddeo and has consistently taken aim at her ever since. Korge previously called Taddeo “not really inspirational” and lambasted her for running a poor campaign.

Now, in another secret recording taken days before Korge officially withdrew, he makes it clear which remaining candidate will have his backing, saying former Congressman Joe Garcia has the best shot to win and that Taddeo “is toast.”

TRANSCRIPT: KORGE: “I think I would’ve beat – the reality is me getting in, I think Joe has the best shot, and then I have the second best shot. Annette is toast. That’s my personal opinion. Joe’s the best.”