February 1, 2016

Florida Democratic Primary Fight Intensifies

Last week, Florida Democrat Jonathan Chane went on the attack against his primary opponent Randy Perkins in Florida’s 18th Congressional District. As reported in Politico’s Florida Playbook, Chane criticized Perkins for not being from the district. Chane also went after Perkins for not being a true Democrat. Perkins has made numerous contributions to Republicans and registered as a Democrat the day before he announced his campaign.

Perkins appears to be Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC’s hand-picked candidate. Last summer, a Washington Democrat said, “The DCCC rolled out the red carpet for him. … They like his story. They like him and his passion. And, let’s be honest, they like his money, too.”

As this primary battle intensifies, Pelosi risks dividing the party base once again in another competitive district.

JONATHAN CHANE: “He’s worth $150-$200 million. He’s given more than $2 million to the Republican Party over the last several years – including $200,000 to get Rick Scot elected. He sat on Rick Perry’s presidential PAC this election cycle. I wish I could tell you I was talking about my Republican opponent this fall, but unfortunately he registered as a Democrat the day before he got into the race. And it wasn’t the war in Iraq that made this guy a Democrat. It wasn’t Rick Scott’s refusal to expand Medicaid that made him a Democrat. It wasn’t Congress’ repeated efforts to defund Planned Parenthood that made this guy a Democrat. It was simply an open congressional seat in a district that he hasn’t lived a day in his life that suddenly made this guy want to become a Democrat. And, you know, he has a lot of money and we need to make sure we get the message out because that is not the kind of representation that we need in the United States Congress.”