August 11, 2015

Florida’s Least Effective Democrat Wants A Promotion

If you’re terrible at your job, it’s generally tough to get a promotion, which is why a new study ranking Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) among the top 35 least effective members of Congress may be problematic for his U.S. Senate bid. The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Tech company InsideGov last week put out a list of what it’s calling the “least-effective members of Congress,” and it’s got not-so-nice things to say about four of Florida’s congressional representatives, including Rep. Patrick Murphy, who’s running for the U.S. Senate.

To come up with its effectiveness score, the group looked at the percentage of bills that each member proposed that passed a U.S. House of Representatives committee.

Just how ineffective is Murphy? Out of 29 bills he’s sponsored since taking office in 2013, he’s 0-29 on even getting a bill passed out of committee, much less becoming law, which gives him an effectiveness score of 0%.

By way of contrast, Murphy’s primary opponent, Democratic firebrand and progressive champion Rep. Alan Grayson, has been deemed the “most effective” member of Congress in the nation by the non-partisan PolitiFact:

“In the past two years in Congress, I’ve written more bills, passed more amendments on the floor of the House and enacted more of my bills into law than any other member of the House — No. 1 out of 435 of us,” he said during his campaign announcement video last month. 

Politifact rated that claim true…

That’s quite a contrast that Florida Democrats will need to sort out in what’s sure to be a messy primary.