October 18, 2016

Follow The Money: The Evan Bayh Story

Evan Bayh is in for a rough debate. Bayh only agreed to a single debate, which means that all the questions about his residency issues and shady job searches will be crammed into a single night. Sadly, for Bayh there’s plenty to go through. Bayh’s post-Senate cash grab has been well-documented. In fact, just today Bloomberg came out with a study that showed Bayh was the fifth best compensated ex-politician of 2015.

Perhaps no story that will be talked about tonight has been more damaging for Bayh than the major Associated Press investigation that uncovered that Bayh spent his last months as a Senator in 2010 meeting with companies about jobs for himself.

In the graphic below America Rising highlights two specific cases, identified in the Associated Press investigation, that shows Bayh met with companies with issues before the Senate, voted favorably for those companies, and subsequently received jobs from these two companies: