March 30, 2016

For The Second Time This Week, Clinton Dodges Question On Garland Nomination

Hillary Clinton is making a habit of dodging questions on Merrick Garland. Earlier this week Clinton spent eight minutes dodging on whether or not she supports Merrick Garland’s nomination.

Tonight, Clinton continued that trend by ducking Rachel Maddow’s question about whether or not President Obama should withdraw Garland’s nomination after the November election:

“RACHEL MADDOW: If you are nominated by the Democratic party, and you are elected president in November, would you ask President Obama to withdraw that nomination in the lame duck so that you could put forward your own nominee? Or, would you be okay with that nomination going forward in the lame duck, if that’s what the Republican Senate wanted to do? HILLARY CLINTON : You know, I– I really find– this whole– line of questioning one that I’m not comfortable with, because I– we have one President at a time. And I think part of the problem right now is the Republicans are trying to act like he’s not really still president. I was one of the 65 million people who voted to reelect President Obama. So, my voice is being shut out because the Republican Senate won’t actually process– Judge Garland’s– nomination. So, I don’t want to– I don’t want any daylight between me and President Obama.”

Clinton’s non-answer to Rachel Maddow on Garland’s nomination is part of a growing trend among Democrats. In fact, Politico reported today that many of the same Democrats attacking Republicans aren’t even sold on Garland:

“Democrats are perfectly happy praising Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland and hammering Senate Republicans for their obstruction. But that doesn’t mean they’re all ready to commit to voting for him.”