July 28, 2016

Former Wall Street Employee Offers Warm Words For Hillary Clinton

That former Wall Streeter is Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton. From 2006 to 2009, the former First Daughter worked for the massive hedge fund Avenue Capital Group LLC.In what is certainly just kismet, Avenue Capital is run by Clinton mega-donor Marc Lasry. In 2009, Chelsea Clinton left the hedge fund world because, in her words, she “didn’t get any meaning from [the work.]”

The Wall Street ties don’t end there. Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is the co-founder of Eaglevale Partners LP, a controversial hedge fund that became the target of a federal investigation last December. Clinton and Mezvinsky live in a $10 million Manhattan apartment the length of an entire block. In May, Mezvinsky had to shutter his Greek-focused fund after it lost close to 90%.

More concerning than Mezvinsky’s atrocious financial acumen, is his desire to use Hillary Clinton’s influence to help himself financially. While the aforementioned Greek hedge fund was still a going concern, Hillary Clinton shared “protected” information on the likelihood that Germany would bail out Greece with Sidney Blumenthal and Bill Clinton. This has led to questions about whether Mezvinsky was also a recipient of this very valuable information.

Additionally, Mezvinsky got then-Secretary of State Clinton to “intervene” when he asked her to help one of his firm’s investors with a problem concerning deep-sea mining. Clinton tasked a Deputy Secretary of State to assist Mezvinsky, a perk not usually offered to the average citizen.