October 24, 2016

Four Clips That Show That Katie McGinty Is A Rubber Stamp For Hillary Clinton’s Agenda

During the final Pennsylvania Senate debate, Democrat Katie McGinty showed that if elected she’d be a rubber stamp for Democratic party leaders in DC. On question after question, whether the topic was Obamacare or Iran, McGinty displayed no independence from the positions Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer hold.

McGinty’s debate performance was rocky from the very start. One of the first questions she faced was on whether she was independent from her party. Instead of displaying any individuality, McGinty used part of her time to praise Hillary Clinton:

McGinty has also displayed no independence from the Democratic Party on Obamacare. On the same day that the Obama Administration announced that Obamacare premiums were going to skyrocket by double digits, Senator Toomey destroyed McGinty’s strong support for Obamacare as harmful for Pennsylvanians:

McGinty also faced the heat when the moderator presented her with her record of supporting tax hikes. All McGinty could do, when faced with her own record, was dodge the question:

Finally, McGinty’s unwavering support for the Iran nuclear deal showed Keystone voters that she’ll be a rubber stamp for the Democratic agenda in DC: