October 14, 2016

Four Clips That Show Why Ted Strickland Is One Of 2016’s Biggest Losers

Ted Strickland’s Senate campaign has gone off the rails. After being abandoned by the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC, Strickland has seen his poll numbers fall off a cliff.

Today Strickland faced off against Senator Rob Portman in a Senate debate. It did not go well. Strickland was constantly on the defensive over his awful record as governor and his support for Hillary Clinton.

First, the debate focused a great amount of attention on Strickland’s failed record as a one-term governor of Ohio. Ohio lost 405,413 jobs during Strickland’s time as governor, while the state’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 9.2%. With a record that dreadful, Strickland was forced to accept responsibility for his poor performance:

Another painful aspect of Strickland time as governor was the additional funding his budget cut. Strickland oversaw a 28% cut in funding for addiction services. Strickland’s state is currently facing a record high number of drug overdoses, so it was no surprise that Strickland was called out during the debate for his appalling record on cutting funding for these much needed programs:


Senator Portman also held Strickland accountable for the many outrageous statements Strickland has made. In the past Strickland has joked about Justice Scalia’s death and his campaign has made use of racially insensitive fortune cookies. These are just two of the many examples that show why Strickland is unfit for the United States Senate:

Finally, with very little to lose, Ted Strickland turned a question about Hillary Clinton’s historically high untrustworthy numbers into a defense of Democratic nominee: