December 1, 2015

Four Reasons Elizabeth Warren Skipped The Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Last Night

Although 13 of the 14 women Democratic senators attended a fundraiser for Secretary Clinton last night in Washington D.C., the headlines were dominated by the one “glaring holdout”: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). As the Washington Post wrote:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — the anti-Wall Street crusader who was courted to run as the darling of very liberal Democrats — has not endorsed Clinton, nor has she promised she will. Her absence served as an awkward reminder of Clinton’s enduring struggle to generate support and enthusiasm among an influential segment of her party’s most liberal members.

Senator Warren’s spokeswoman declined to comment on her absence, so America Rising has stepped in to list at least four reasons why Warren might have skipped last night’s gala:

  1. Their high-profile disagreement over bankruptcy reform:

Hillary Clinton: Voted for the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2001, calling the bill “necessary” and a “good” reform bill.

Elizabeth Warren: Called the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2001 a “vampire” and accused Clinton of voting for it because she took money from the credit card companies.

2. Hillary Clinton’s close ties to Wall Street:

Hillary Clinton: #1 Wall Street Campaign Recipient, Surrounded by Wall Street big-wigs

Elizabeth Warren: Torpedoed Obama’s nomination for Under Secretary for Domestic Finance because of his Wall Street experience.

3. Their difference of opinion on hot-button banking legislation:

Hillary Clinton: Does not support reinstating Glass-Steagall.

Elizabeth Warren: Has worked in the Senate to re-introduce a “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.”

4. Hillary Clinton being out-of-step with the Fight for 15 movement:

Hillary Clinton: Does not support raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour.

Elizabeth Warren: Called on President Obama to help the Fight for $15 movement, and “help these workers achieve the American Dream.”

As NBC noted this morning, “Warren’s no-show underscores that Clinton still struggles to court the more liberal wing of party, many who have gravitated to Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.”