August 4, 2016

How Fraidy Cat Patrick Murphy’s Debate Dodge Backfired

Privileged Patrick Murphy can add “fraidy cat” to his resume – and, for once, it wouldn’t be an embellishment.

On Wednesday, the eternally equivocating candidate backed out of the only primary debate that he had agreed to. Efforts to schedule other forums or debates had been met with resistance from Murphy’s campaign, which multiple media outlets characterized as “difficult to work with.”

Reporters were quick to characterize Murphy’s move as pure cowardice:

And to point out that ducking debates was not a new tactic for Murphy:

The resulting reports weren’t much better for Privileged Patrick:

Sun-Sentinel: “Democratic Senate Candidates Hurl Charges, But Won’t Debate Before Primary”

POLITICO Florida: “Murphy’s decision effectively undercuts the Aug. 12 WFTV-9 televised debate that his campaign had agreed to. He previously refused to debate Grayson and little-known political newcomer Pam Keith on radio. Orlando-based WFTV-9 said in a statement that they were ‘extremely disappointed’ with Murphy’s decision to back out of debating Grayson on their television station in prime-time.”

Miami Herald: “WFTV said in a statement that the station is ‘extremely disappointed with Congressman Murphy’s decision to back out of his commitment. Ultimately, the voters of Florida are the big losers here as they will be deprived the chance to hear Mr. Murphy and Mr. Grayson share their vision of Florida’s future,’ the station said.”

Murphy’s failed media gambit was capped off by a “Mostly False” rating from PolitiFact for his latest attack ad, and a new Suffolk poll showing him down double digits in a general election matchup with Sen. Marco Rubio.