April 27, 2017

Fraud Alert: Rob Quist Exposed As Having No Hunting Or Fishing Licenses

When Montana Democrat Rob Quist isn’t singing at nudist resorts, we now know he isn’t out in Montana hunting. While Quist’s ads have made him out to be a gun rights supporter who will defend hunting and fishing access on public lands, new reports show that Quist has no recent experience actually living that life.

According to NBC-Helena, Quist has not had a single hunting or fishing license since 2002:

“FWP’s automated licensing system dates back to 2002 and turned up the following history: Rob Quist has not had any fishing or hunting license since 2002 while Gianforte has multiple licenses each year for the 16 years, including resident sportsman with bear, antelope, deer, mountain lion and turkey.”

In the Billings Gazette report on Quist’s lack of any hunting or fishing licenses, they assert that Quist’s failure will be a huge negative because “hunting and fishing are make-or-break issues” in Montana. Quist is way behind in the polls, and with this latest news, Quist looks more out of touch with Montana voters than ever before.