December 2, 2016

Gaffe-Prone Tom Perez Mulls Run For Governor, DNC Chair

Tom Perez, President Obama’s secretary of labor, is mulling a bid for Maryland Governor or DNC chair, according to a new report from Politico Pro. The wildly divergent paths of those two options reflect the utter desperation of a man who thought he would be Attorney General in a Hillary Clinton administration.

If Perez decides to run for governor, he’ll have some tough questions to answer about his background, including wildly out-of-the-mainstream policy positions and frankly embarrassing moments over the past few years. America Rising has gone to the trouble of compiling a few of those items below:

The Last Time Perez Ran For Office In Maryland, A Court Ruled He Wasn’t Qualified

Perez ran for Maryland attorney general in 2006, but “was knocked off the ballot by the state’s Court of Appeals, which held that he lacked the 10 years of legal experience in Maryland required by the state Constitution.” Oops? His name was actually floated to replace Eric Holder as U.S. attorney general, but his “thin credentials on important matters like national security,” potentially torpedoed his chances

Perez’s Anti-Business Record Would Be A Nightmare For Maryland

As the secretary of labor, Perez staunchly supported raising the national minimum wage, saying the United States “suck[s]… We really do,” on this issue. Despite running the Labor Department, Perez doesn’t acknowledge the devastating impact that an across the board minimum wage hike would have on businesses’ ability to employ workers.

Perez also proposed a rule for overtime pay that would similarly crush small businesses – the heart of the American economy – by doubling the salary threshold necessary to qualify for overtime pay.

Perez Joked About An Amber Alert At A Hillary Clinton Event

While acting as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, Perez joked about an Amber Alert that numerous audience members received during his remarks. After asking the crowd what was going on and being told it was an Amber Alert, Perez joked, “Oh yeah? Well, Amber is going to vote for Hillary!”

A Friendly Crowd Boo’d Perez For Droning On And On At A Clinton Rally

During a Clinton rally in California, Perez’s longwinded speech was so lengthy and dull that the pro-Clinton crowd began yelling and booing when Perez launched into “a story that I remember vividly from Nevada about immigrants…” The crowd began chanting “We want Bill!”

So as Perez continues to mull his next move, perhaps these wrongheaded and embarrassing moments will remind Perez how bad he is at this and shed some light for Maryland voters on what a disaster Perez would be as their chief executive.