November 13, 2016

George Will: The Democrat Party Is In Tatters

What a difference one week makes. At this time last week, the nattering nabobs of negativism, as Spiro Agnew would have called them, were reading the Republican Party its last rites.

After Tuesday it appears that the rumors of a major political party’s demise weren’t wrong per se, they just got the wrong party. Now, as George Will showed this morning on ABC’s This Week, the Republican Party has not been this strong in almost a century. The presidency, both chambers of Congress, the overwhelming majority of governorships are all in control of members of the Republican Party. It’s the Democratic Party that is fast becoming a regional party.

Chaos and recriminations are consuming the Democratic Party. After all, we are rapidly approaching the point where two hands won’t be enough to count the number of people running for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. What a difference one week makes.