September 27, 2016

It’s Getting Lonely For Ted Strickland

Failing Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland must be starting to realize that the cavalry is never coming to help him out. After all, respected elections observer Larry Sabato has now moved the race to “Safe Republican.”Presaging that, yesterday the main Democratic outside groups, Senate Majority PAC and the DSCC, revealed that they had cancelled millions of dollars worth of ads that would have supported Strickland’s candidacy:

“The top Democratic campaign committee and the leading Senate Democratic super PAC have canceled nearly $2.5 million in television advertising set to run in Ohio next month, another sign that former Gov. Ted Strickland’s campaign is flagging.”

The two groups’ cancellations just add to the already $3 million worth of cancelled Democratic ads in Ohio. Not helping Strickland’s grave predicament, Google announced today that Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) is running one of the “savviest” campaigns in the country:

“Google says Republican Rob Portman of Ohio has been one of the savviest users of its digital resources this campaign season. The company says the incumbent U.S. senator’s well-funded campaign is more effectively using data mining, YouTube ads and search promotion this year in his race against Democratic ex-Gov. Ted Strickland than most 2016 candidates.”

All in all, it’s already another awful week for Ted Strickland, and its only Tuesday.