December 8, 2016

Goodbye And Good Riddance To Harry Reid!

Harry Reid might be retiring, but after reading his exit interview with Politico it’s clear that he’s going out in the same style he conducted his time as Senator: clueless and classless. Reid is infamous for the volume of his intemperate remarks, and showed that retirement has not mellowed him out either.

Throughout the interview, Reid refused to accept any responsibility for the obstructionism that has consumed DC under his leadership. Like Pelosi, Reid also doesn’t think Democrats should change a thing after their historic losses on Election Day:

“’They have Trump, I understand that. But I don’t think the Democratic Party is in that big of trouble,’ Reid said in a half-hour interview with Politico on Wednesday, one day before he’ll deliver his farewell address. ‘I mean, if Comey kept his mouth shut, we would have picked up a couple more Senate seats and we probably would have elected Hillary.’”

The outgoing Senate Minority Leader also doesn’t have any regrets on invoking the nuclear option regarding filibusters:

“But this is hardly the scenario that Reid envisioned for his departure: with a President-elect Trump and all-GOP Congress firmly in control of Washington. And Reid’s most controversial move as leader — invoking the ‘nuclear option’ on Senate confirmations — will leave his party essentially powerless to halt Trump’s Cabinet selections. Reid insisted that it was the right thing to do.”

Finally, Reid continued to show his true colors by calling a fellow Senator a “loser” in the interview:

“And Reid called a Republican senator a ‘loser’ for his tirades against the Affordable Care Act, Reid’s signature legislative accomplishment as majority leader. It was a reprise of Reid’s famous put-down of George W. Bush a decade ago.”

The Senate will not miss Harry Reid.