November 4, 2015

GOP Wipes Out Democrat Bench In Kentucky

Last night, Matt Bevin beat Jack Conway by 9 points in an election for the open seat for Kentucky Governor. Bevin is only the second Republican to hold the office in the past 40 years.

Bevin’s strong showing helped down ballot candidates as well, effectively wiping out the Democrat bench in Kentucky, including State Auditor Adam Edelen who had been seen as a top recruit to challenge Senator Rand Paul. Dave Wiegel of The Washington Post compared Kentucky’s election to Nevada 2014, where rising stars in the Democrat Party lost major elections, weakening their chances to take or hold seats in the U.S. Senate.

Edelen had already started launching public attacks against Senator Paul in preparation for a Senate bid dating back to 2014. Then MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said Edelen was the best southern Democrat to speak at Fancy Farm. With last night’s losses, it looks like the Democrat Party is the big loser, not just in Kentucky, but nationally.