January 21, 2016

We Got Trouble With A Capital T In Brooklyn

Today, CNN/ORC released a poll that showed Hillary Clinton trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders by 8 points in Iowa.

This represents a 26 point swing since the December CNN/ORC poll, which has Clinton leading 54 percent to 36 percent.

CNN’s Dana Bash said about the poll, “I think she’s in a lot of trouble. Based on these numbers but it’s not just that. I think what is most stunning about these numbers is how different they are from just last month. Check this out. As you said now Sanders is at 51 percent. In December, just a month ago, 36 percent. It was kind of the inverse of what it is now. Now Hillary Clinton’s at 43. Just last month she was at 54 percent. That is the definition of a surge when it comes to Bernie Sanders.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said the poll was, “WOWZA, WOWZA, WOWZA.”