October 23, 2015

Gov. Beshear Continues Giving Appointments To His Son’s Donors


Governor Beshear (KY) appointed Bill Summers IV to the University of Louisville board of trustees this week, bringing the board in compliance with statutory minority representation requirements.

The board did not have any African Americans on it after Beshear removed Reverend Kevin Cosby earlier this year.

Reports at the time of Cosby’s removal showed that Cosby had not given any political contributions to Beshear’s son Andy Beshear’s campaign for Attorney General, while the other 17 appointees had given to his son’s campaign.

So it is no surprise that the new appointee, Bill Summers IV, contributed $250 to Andy Beshear’s campaign in August.

University of Louisville board appointments aren’t the only ones up for grabs. His father recently appointed McKinnley Morgan, a London lawyer, to the state board that helps pick administrative law judges for worker’s compensation cases, the type of cases Morgan represents. Morgan gave the maximum $2,000 to Andy Beshear’s campaign and held an event that brought in $17,625.

Andy Beshear’s fundraising has already raised questions, and it doesn’t help that contributing to his campaign is a requirement to receive an appointment from his Governor-father.