December 31, 2015

Gov. Wolf Throws Shade At Katie McGinty Over Budget Mess

Katie McGinty is racking up the frenemies. First Harry Reid highlighted her botched state budget negotiations in a fundraising email for her campaign.

Now her former employer, Governor Tom Wolf, is taking public shots at state officials and politicians who he claims abandoned Pennsylvania’s budget crisis which, ahem, include McGinty.

After he pulled a bait and switch this week by rejecting key parts of a budget deal he had seemed poised to sign, indefinitely extending the standoff that has left the state without a budget for more than 180 days, Wolf charged that members of the legislature “ran off” without getting the job done in a Tuesday press conference:

“They can throw around all the political nonsense they want, but the fact remains they ran off — pretty quickly, at that — before they finished their job, and they left us with a real holiday mess,” Wolf said.

Wolf may or may not have realized that his remarks implicated the most glaring example of an official leaving Pennsylvania with a real mess – his former chief of staff, Katie McGinty. Amid speculation that McGinty was considering a senate bid, Wolf dismissed concerns about McGinty taking her eye off the ball:

Wolf said he and McGinty have discussed her potential run. “We’ve both agreed we can’t let this be a distraction,” Wolf said. “We need a budget. We need to do good things for Pennsylvania.”

Eight days after Wolf made that statement, McGinty resigned her post as chief of staff. 21 days later she launched her senate campaign.

Wonder what Gov. Wolf would say now if he were asked whether Katie McGinty prioritized doing “good things” for Pennsylvania or for her own political career.