December 23, 2015

GQ Magazine Names Clinton 5th Worst Person Of 2015

As the year draws to a close, America Rising is taking a look back at 2015 and recalling the slow, mournful dirge that has been the Hillary Clinton campaign thus far. To that end, GQ Magazine put out a “Worst People of 2015” list, and surprise surprise, there’s Clinton at number five.

See below for an excerpt of Clinton’s write up, which appears just after corrupt FIFA President Sepp Blatter:

Hopelessly corrupt pander-bot 2008 Hillary is back! And remarkably, she seems to believe—yet again—that her lengthy history of cynical, bought-and-paid-for leadership somehow entitles her to the presidency, as if her entire campaign strategy is “I didn’t betray my principles and sell out every last one of my constituents NOT to be president, you guys!” I hope she keeps that Gmail account open. She’s gonna need it after blowing this election.

It seems unlikely that “corrupt pander-bot” Clinton will change her ways in 2016, so expect to see her on these types of lists next year.