December 17, 2015

Group Founded By Top Clinton Ally Endorses Bernie Sanders

In a hugely embarrassing and humiliating turn of events, the left-wing group founded by Howard Dean, a reliable Clinton ally, today threw its support behind her top rival. Democracy For America (DFA), who has never endorsed a presidential candidate, made history by endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders today. As BuzzFeed reports:

Dean, who founded the group and backs Clinton, wrote an email to DFA voters on her behalf: ‘I hope that Hillary will be your choice,’ Dean wrote. But in the end, Dean’s support for Clinton fell on deaf ears among the progressive faithful at DFA. Officials for the group said more than 270,000 members voted in DFA’s online election. Sanders got 87.9% of the vote, while Clinton earned 10.3%. (O’Malley got a paltry 1.1%, just a bit more than “no endorse,” which got .08%.)

DFA joins the Communications Workers of America today in endorsing Sanders, with DFA pledging to “throw its weight behind the Sanders as the homestretch to the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.” DFA’s endorsement packs a powerful punch in the Democratic primaries because of its one million members and the “power of the progressive grassroots” it represents.

This development likely comes as massive blow to the considerable ego of Howard Dean, who has become a ubiquitous presence on cable television defending Clinton’s various scandals. But it’s not terribly surprising, given Clinton’s continued willingness to change her views to suit her political needs, a problem recognized by everyone except apparently Howard Dean.