May 22, 2016

“Gutless Politician” Michael Bennet Under Fire From Colorado Democrats

An unlikely group of Coloradans has banded together to attack Senator Michael Bennet…liberal grassroots activists. The group, ColoradoCare, is accusing Bennet of opportunistic flip flopping on healthcare, highlighting his past praise for the single payer system they’re promoting:

TR Reid, a spokesman for ColoradoCare and a former Washington Post political journalist, is pretty cynical about Bennet’s reluctance to endorse the measure.

“Michael Bennet is a gutless politician who gets his principles from his campaign manager,” Reid said recently. “He was afraid of being accused of supporting socialized medicine. Until this year he has always been for universal healthcare, he’s given a hundred speeches saying he wants to see everyone covered. If this had not come up in his election year he would be for it.”

This is the latest episode of Bennet taking heat from the grassroots – just weeks ago he was booed at the Colorado Democratic convention for backing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, who won the state in a landslide.

Bennet first took heat for a series of dodges on the single payer initiative, which will be on the Colorado ballot alongside him in November. His ultimate flip flop against single payer, and the harsh criticism he’s facing from the left, won’t help Bennet’s already problematic image as a calculating politician who will say or do anything to stay in Washington, D.C.