September 27, 2016

Gym Time Issues Causing De Blasio To Sweat The Bad Headlines

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s workout isn’t the only thing causing him to sweat these days. Just this morning the New York Post reported new damaging developments in one of the growing number of de Blasio scandals. The Mayor’s First Deputy Mayor Tony Shorris told investigators looking into the shady sale of Rivington House nursing home he couldn’t recall “incidents, ­emails or details” about the conversion of the nursing home into luxury condos “more than two dozen times.” That’s not exactly the actions of an administration that has nothing to hide.

The Rivington House scandal is just one of the many scandals causing De Blasio to need time to unwind from his stressful days. Unfortunately for the mayor, his time unwinding at the gym is causing nearly as many bad headlines as the scandals themselves.

In the wake of last week’s awful attacks in Manhattan, you’d expect the Mayor of New York to put meeting and comforting the victims atop his priorities list. Yet, de Blasio delayed a meeting with blind victims of the attack to go to the gym:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed back a meeting with a group of blind residents affected by the Chelsea terror attack on Tuesday — giving himself an extra half-hour to sip coffee with his wife and hit the gym.”

The poor behavior from Hizzoner did not end there. When De Blasio was confronted by reporters the next day about his tardiness, instead of showing contrition, de Blasio attacked the New York Post:

“On Thursday, he went after The Post for asking why he pushed back a meeting with blind residents affected by the Chelsea terror explosion so he could work out in the gym and sip coffee with First Lady Chirlane McCray. ‘I’m quite aware of what you guys are up to, and again, you are a paper with a clear right-wing agenda,’ he raged. ‘Let’s be real about it. You’re a propaganda rag.’”

De Blasio’s troubles at the gym have extended into this week. Walking into his Brooklyn gym yesterday, de Blasio was heckled by off-duty cops over their lack of a contract:

“Chanting ‘we want a new contract,’ a group of off-duty city cops heckled Mayor de Blasio as he walked into the Park Slope YMCA for his morning workout Monday… Hizzoner remained silent and smiled as he walked past the picketers into the gym on Ninth St. at around 9 a.m.”

Given all the troubles facing de Blasio, it’s no surprise that he’s stepping up the amount of time he’s spending outside of the city campaigning for Hillary Clinton. If his scandals keep proliferating though, he’ll soon be able to turn that into a full time job.