November 7, 2015

Hagan Is So Disliked In NC She Is Forced To Endorse Clinton In Neighboring SC

Former Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) is still so unpopular in her home state of North Carolina that she is endorsing Secretary Hillary Clinton at an event in South Carolina instead. Oh, and Clinton won’t even be there. In June, PPP found that more than half of North Carolinians have a negative view of Hagan:

Hagan is pretty universally well known but continues to have upside down favorability numbers after being subjected to endless negative ads during her reelection contest last year- 39% see her favorably to 51% with an unfavorable opinion.

Hagan appeared at an event in Rock Hill, SC today after last night’s candidate forum. Clinton campaigned for Hagan in October of last year just before Hagan lost to now-Sen. Thom Tillis. Apparently they wanted to recreate that magic today for Clinton.